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We want to give you the chance to dress in an on-trend and effortlessly elegant way while highlighting the family ties which mean so much. The line is both contemporary and chic and combines sophistication with a breezy downtown air.

The styles we have can be worn by clued-in fashionistas as well as anyone who loves style but struggles to bring different strands of their unique look together. We want the Linda Melinda brand to shout “I love my family and I love contemporary fashion” from the rooftops. And we care about all families which is why all our clothes are designed and made in Hungary under ethical manufacturing standards.




Vision of our company is that everyone around the world has the possibility to express their own unique style.

This is enabled by VENGRU, which provides high quality and long lasting, variable leather products, based on actual individual demand to express everyone’s own style

OurBrand’sMessage: Be a Designer!

One of VENGRU’s main feature is that through our interactive web site visitors can customize bags according to their own style. Typical “V” lines appear on the font of the bags, which refer to the brand’s name. New modules can be added onto the “V” shape, which completely change the look of the bags and can be worn separately as well. Modules of the products can be swapped and used in several combinations.




I’m an interior designer and my husband is a goldsmith. We started our company in 2000 and the rulied by casa doro brand born in 2013. Design and manufacture are still in our hands. This is very important for us, because we are not just making one product, we passing our feelings on through your jewelry. Thoughts, feelings, influences inspire us to design, but sometimes a jewelry or even a whole collection evolves from one impulse and develops almost without plan. We like simple geometric shapes, homogeneous materials, or combinations of materials with up to two components. Usualy we do’t follow up-to-date fashion trends, but rather make durable, neutral pieces.




Ashanti Cosmetics was founded by Rose Appiah in 2017 and is made up of a range of 100% natural handmade skincare range take you straight to the heart of Ghana.
Based on family recipes that span over 100 years back in time, our products were were born from the harmony of ancient Akan traditions, a lot of passion and some heavenly luxurious ingredients.
To the people of Ghana time just doesn’t exist. This is why we believe in the ageless beauty and elegance of all our products, that are specially made for you.
We believe that the softness of our shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and pomegranate oil based moisturisers and oils purify your mind and ease your soul, to just let you get on with life without the worry.
We are a 100% positive about the healing powers of love, peace and playful lust. So we highly encourage you to practice all three separately or at the same time whilst using our magical creams to enhance your daily life.
Each one of products is bursting with organic vegan beauty love. Our promise to you is to help keep your skin perfectly supple, golden and smooth without any added synthetics.
Lastly, we believe in my grandmother’s wise words that has formed the Ashanti philosophy:
“Beauty is simplicity”.